Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Mission Day

Last Friday we had Mission Day. After morning tea I bought lollies from Sr Evalesi. They tasted sweet and were crunchy in my mouth. Next I went to the lunch room and bought an ice block. It tasted like  lemon juice. Next  Heneliena painted a sparkly rainbow on my face. After lunch we went to Room 1 to watch a movie called Star. It was about Mary and Joseph. We ate buttery and salty popcorn while we watched the movie. 
We had a great time at mission Day.  

                                                       By Patricia  

The Noisy Traffic

I can see the trucks rumbling along the the road. The cars are speeding and I can smell the burning rubber.The ground is shaking when the heavy trucks go past our school. The motorbikes roar as they go past. It is very noisy.
                                                       By Patricia